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1020 Builders has completed 2.75 Million

square feet of construction since 2011.

The 1020 Builders team focuses on five areas of expertise: Hospitality (including hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and lounges), Senior Living, Multi-Family Residential, Luxury Custom Homes, and Disaster Restoration. From popular conference locations outside D.C. to trendy tourist destinations in South Beach, 1020 has completed construction within some of the nation’s biggest brand hotels, restaurants, bars, and lounges.


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Mike Batisto, CEO

1020 Builders views each project, whether custom home or condominium building, as an individual project. Our projects are each managed personally and through tight collaboration with clients and subcontractors, rather than assigned to a process without personalization. The company’s size gives them the ability to work with their clients to understand the ultimate vision, while being nimble enough to provide truly innovative solutions.

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